The Catholic University of America

Application and Agreement Process

Thank you for your interest in hosting your event at The Catholic University of America. Below are the steps for applying and confirming accommodations at CUA. To begin, please complete the application found below. After receiving your application, the Office of Events and Conference Services staff will contact you with additional information.

The application process begins as soon as you submit the Online Application.

Applications are required 15 business days in advance of the event. A staff member will respond to your application within three business days.

Staff will review your application to determine whether we are able to accommodate your request, and will schedule the appropriate meeting facilities and housing accommodations (if applicable) for your conference or event.

Proposal for Services
Events and Conference Services will submit a proposal of services for your review. This proposal will outline the arrangements made for your event and provide an estimated cost.

In order to reserve space and accommodations at CUA, a proposal must be signed and returned to the Office of Events and Conference Services. This final agreement must be returned with a 25% deposit of the estimated total cost.

If your conference is being sponsored by a department, faculty, or staff member of the university, your sponsor must also adhere to the Co-Sponsorship Guidelines.

Preparing for your Event
Once arrangements have been confirmed, the Events and Conference Services staff will assist you in planning your event. The staff is eager to assist in answering all your questions and help to coordinate the details to ensure a successful event.

Final Guarantee
Conferences and Summer Housing requires final numbers for lodging, meals, meeting space, and audio visual technology and equipment no later than fourteen (14) business days prior to the day of your arrival. Any additions after this time are not guaranteed and subtractions from the guaranteed numbers will still be invoiced.

Final Invoice
If further payment is required following your conference or event, you will receive an invoice for the outstanding balance. Final payment is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

If you have any questions about the application and agreement process please contact the Office of Events and Conference Services at 202-319-5291 or via email at